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I think my problem is that I update my “day-to-day life” blog and neglect my creativity one.  :}

So what have I made this past year? Well, I’ve on a jewelry kick, so I’ve made many ceramic beads for turning into jewelry. This is one of my favorites:
I made skull-and-crossbones soaps again for Halloween:
Also in ceramics, I made more leaf motif dishes because I just love the way they look:
I think I’ll be making more soaps for gifting this holiday season. Haven’t decided yet what I want to make though. Come back and see what I end up creating!

Poke Leaf Platter by Tadpole #1

Poke Leaf Platter by Tadpole #1- 17"x7" (NFS)

The boys and I made ceramic leaf plates and platters which look lovely year-round, and not just for the fall.  Our decorating style tends to be light and airy and has nature’s colors, so we know first hand that these plates really complement a natural, rustic, or woodsy home.  And they are just funky enough that they will do well in pretty much any other more “fun” decor too!

The above is a piece that Tadpole #1 made last year.  This year, we made a red-bud leaf plate, a sycamore leaf plate, hickory 3-leaf platter, and a poke leaf plate.  We glazed them today so they won’t be ready for another week, but I’ll post photos as soon as they’re ready.

The boys and I learned to make “quilted” Wabi-Sabi style plates in ceramics.  Here are some of our creations:

Platter by Tadpole #1

Platter by Tadpole #1- approx 14"x10.5" - $30

Platter by Tadpole #2 - top view

Platter by Tadpole #1 - top view

Plate by Tadpole #2

Plate by Tadpole #2 - approx 8.5"x8.5" - $15

Plate by Tadpole #2 - top view

Plate by Tadpole #2 - top view

Soap Dish

Teresa's Soap Dish - 8"x4.5" - $7

Small plate

Teresa's small plate - 7"x5" - $8

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